The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL
The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL

Click here for the Hillcrest: 2017 Annual Water Quality Report

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Copies are also be available at the Village Hall

Previously this report has been included in your June water bill. This year the guidelines have been updated and we are now permitted to provide this information electronically on our website.

Please call the Village Hall with any questions, 815.562.7770.


What is electronic direct delivery of the CCR?

Each year community water supplies must “mail or otherwise directly deliver” the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to bill-paying customers and make a good faith effort to reach consumers who do not receive a bill. The U.S. EPA interprets “direct delivery” to include electronic delivery so long as the water supply provides a direct URL to the CCR (aka Annual Water Quality Report). However, if the water supply is aware of a customer's inability to receive a CCR electronically, it must continue providing a paper CCR according to an U.S. EPA interpretive memo that was finalized January 3, 2013.

The regulatory requirement to directly deliver the CCR remains unchanged. However the U.S. EPA realizes that utilities communicate with their customers differently than when the CCR Rule was originally drafted. The interpretative memo from the U.S. EPA was signed January 3, 2013. It describes ways water supplies can approach electronic delivery to bill paying customers and still meet current regulatory requirements.