The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL
The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL

Next Village Board Meeting to be held on February 10, 2016.

Welcome to Hillcrest, IL
IL Rte 251

Incorporated March 27, 1958
Population 1325 – 425 Homes – Approx. 20 Businesses

Proudly Producing & Using Clean Energy!
Check out our solar production!

Hillcrest is centrally located 19 miles south of the Rockford Airport and 5 miles north of the Rochelle Rail Intermodal, with Village limits extending to Interstate 39.

We are a rural community with incredible manufacturing opportunities, along with one of the lowest sales tax rates in the State of Illinois, 6.25%.

If you’re a Commercial Developer, looking for a successful investment, consider stopping by.

Hillcrest is a municipality that is proud to say we believe in, and support governing through common sense.

 Don’t forget to get a Building Permit before starting a project. 
Casper Manheim
Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 – 11:30

 Where prairie meets progress